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Since 2016, ANCHOR IN, LLC is leading with over 20 years of collective consultancy and leadership development strategies in government, corporate, nonprofit, and community organizations. We offer power-packed leadership training and development serving clients in corporate, nonprofit, and government markets. ANCHOR IN provides an integrative approach to help organizations implement leadership strategy through the training and development of staff.  We navigate and assist our clients in creating innovative, interdependent leadership for organizational success through executive coaching and consulting.  Kelly delivers tailored training to equip participants with a real sense of value to foster a leadership culture committed to organizational effectiveness. Her facilitating technique empowers leaders through training and development of management and executives, building a culture to intentionally collaborate in the same office or in remote teams to drive organizational milestones.

ANCHOR In, is a certified woman minority-owned business enterprise, registered in SAMS with NAICS Codes (61143,611710, and 813319).



To train the professional and empower the person to engage and lead people with purpose.


To teach, inform and equip transformational leaders at every level, across all industries, and around the globe, becoming the premier driving force to transform organizations and communities.

Core Values

Love: For one another; A genuine approach that celebrates the success of others in the pursuit of passion and purpose.


Honor: Value and esteem people through deeds and communication. Realizing that every person is born with a unique purpose that is priceless.

Loyalty: A faithfulness to others and commitments that especially remain in the face of adversity. 


Humility: Being able to display a selfless attitude that creates an environment which accepts, promotes and enables the achievement of others.



Owner & Founder of Anchor In

Kelly Suazo-Davis is an educator, trainer, consultant, and speaker. She is committed to working with government and corporate leaders to develop strategies to change the approach to leadership development. She is the Founder and CEO of ANCHOR In, leading the company with over 15 years of experience in people management working on a vast range of issues and across industries. In addition to her business management background, her experience also extends to the Social Services Systems/Human Services Development, working for the Department of Defense. She is passionate about empowering people (especially women), leadership development/strategy, and building diverse and culturally sound organizations. She has substantial military, public, and private sector community outreach experience and has volunteered with community projects across the country and the U.S. Army throughout Military installations. She designs, facilitates, and provides consultancy specializing in leadership development programs on diversifying leadership, workplace culture, and how to lead diverse teams, to name a few. She routinely hosts/organizes/facilitates personal development and leadership workshops.


She received a B.S in Psychology from Fayetteville State University in 2008; an M.A. in Management and Leadership  from Webster University, College of Business in 2012; a Credentialed Sexual Harassment and Assault Victim Advocate from the National Organization for Victim Assistance in 2017 and currently pursuing an ICF Coaching Certification. She is a member of SHRM and local Chambers. 


In the community, Kelly is a philanthropist. She serves as the Chairwoman of Button and Zipper 501(c)(3), and the Director of Community Engagement of Anchor In Ministries (AIM) 501(c)(3). In her free time, she volunteers serving the US Military.

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