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Military Spouse Advocacy

Women Anchored to Military Life: "You never get used to it; you learn to get through it." Kelly Suazo-Davis


Pathways: A place where community inspires and supports each-other to go after dreams, pursue purpose, and live audaciously-while relocating constantly or remaining on the same installation throughout your spouse’s career.  Realizing that every place and path you travel is linked to your purpose, passion, and willingness to love and embrace #thislife.

Well you ask, what does she know!?

I have been on this journey as military wife, mami (mommy), student, waitress, nursing assistant, GS and contract employee, entrepreneur, financially stable & extremely financially unstable, volunteer, unemployment recipient, and back to entrepreneurship for over 18 years. What does that really look like? Leaning on my Faith, keeping resilience as my only option (remaining strong because I know better is coming), self-care, self-motivation, remaining loving, committed. Understanding that adaptability, cultivating an authentic & powerful ‘woman tribe’, is vital to fulfill my role as a Military Spouse. This is not a call for you to do what I did or what you admire from another MilSpouse because frankly, mimicking another person’s  path would truly silence your purpose, talents, and gifts to live out your journey and make an impact.  My hope, is that you may glean from my stumbles, roadblocks, and triumphs. So that you draw from my experiences to pursue your dream, career, enroll in higher education, stay at home, and even maybe start your own business.

I truly look to you all, to contribute to grow “Pathways” community of Women that boldly embrace one another’s differences; vowing to respect, accept, and marvel over one another’s success and support each other when failure or disappointment knocks on our door.

Let’s walk this PATH together 😊 Join Us & Invite Everyone you know!!

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