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"Coach Kelly has helped me develop perspective and intention (and so much more!" Private Client

"Coach Kelly’s empathetic, supportive, and accepting approach truly lifted my spirits and helped me focus on my strengths and align my career journey with my values. I gained immense perspective and felt heard and understood by Coach Kelly in the process." Private Client

"I've learned to use my voice in a professional manner, which has led me to have more conversations with management to provide more clarity as to the direction of my work and of the organization as a whole." VP 

'There is power in intervention. Kelly, deliveries a dynamic workshop which is action-driven and engaging for participants. Focusing on Leadership & Advocacy, Bystander Intervention.  Kelly drives the importance of civic engagement and calling on leadership to fully dedicate time, skills, and committed personnel to SHARP programs. I truly believe in her statement “If you can’t give 100% to something, you don’t need to do it.” CPT Jones, Department of Defense-SHARP 


"She is a visionary with a passion for empowering and encouraging other women to go after their desires and dreams! As I struggled in my business in the past, Kelly was there to help encourage me and believed in me every step of the way. Today, instead of throwing in the towel back then, I am still a business owner who has grown more confident since that day." Jodi-Lynn Ruiz Business Owner, Worldwide Military Spouse

Kelly Suazo-Davis is a fantastic entrepreneur who believes in empowering communities. She is brilliant and professional. One of the most hardworking individuals I know. Her business and nonprofit experience gives her a unique perspective on leadership development. -Tatiana Matta, Board Member MSAN

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